Friday, January 31, 2014

SolidWorks start a new path

Gmail was not always there. Initially there was only a search engine and when Google announcement  the revolutionary mail for free, with 100 times more storage, they did it at April 1st, Fools' Day.  Solidworks is less adventurers then Google and therefore the most significant product in the history of the company will be released in April 2nd. For Solidworks, this is the start of a new era. The new software, Solidworks Mechanical Conceptual or SW MC is a late intruding to a new platform that was supposed to go out two years ago.
The MC is defined as a tool for mechanical concept design and includes mechanical simulation and data management like what you find at the rival Autodesk Fusion 360. While the Fusion 360 emphasizes on surfaces and complex geometries, the MC focuses on mechanisms.  SolidWorks will release another product later this year, the IC, for complex geometry design.

The innovations that the MC brings to the world of SolidWorks:

1. New mathematical kernel   - MC is the first platform from SolidWorks  that is based on  Dassault Systemes kernel and shares the same platform with Catia software. SolidWorks aims to break away from Parasolid kernel that belongs to the competitor Siemens.The MC is the first step at that direction.
2. Cloud computing - the MC is the first series entry of  SolidWorks into cloud computing. The software is installed locally but the calculations and the files are saved in the cloud, allowing use huge processing power and facilitate information sharing.
3. New pricing - SW has introduced a new pricing method of monthly payment with no advance purchase.  But, it's relatively high price of $ 250 per month while Autodesk charge just $ 40 per month for the FUSION 360
SolidWorks is known for the strong and loyal distributor network . Cloud technology that allows consumers to purchase directly from the company without the mediation of the distributor. May be  the reason for the high price comes from a desire to keep the distributors in the picture and pay  a commission on each purchase.
4. Uniform price policy - Solidworks deploy different pricing policies for deferment territories.  The MC, as is common cloud software, probably be sold at a uniform price across the world.

It is hard to tell if the MC is here to stay but, it is clear that it is an important move for SolidWorks to bring the company to the modern CAD era.

Gal Raz

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