Saturday, September 28, 2013

Should I upgrade?

A successful and exciting release is carried on three points:

1 Improving existing

2 Imitation competitors

3 Brilliant new ideas

Autodesk Cloud Fusion 360
But, to spoil the joy, the next three painful issues will always joined: stability, reliability and performance. They are of course supposed to get better with every new release, but never clear whether it will happen immediately, at the 1st service pack, 2nd SP or not at all.

Towards the last quarter of the year, the CAD manufacturer gets restlessness and hungry for dollars to improve the balance of the year. So, it is time for new releases and announcements to attract the crowd.

During the 90th, SolidWorks was the first mid-range CAD software company that adapts a business model of annual maintenance agreement (subscription). Until then, it was common to set a price for an upgrade upon its release. While the high end UNIX software used to force the customer to pay protection money annually. With the existing agreement model, customer purchases the upgrade in advance, without a clear knowing regarding the value or the release date. Easy to see how the existing model works less well for the customer. As long as the company takes care to add new tools and technologies that are covered under the agreement, it is a fair deal. However, some manufacturers abuse the situation and release new capabilities under new packages that must be purchased in addition and increase the annual support.

The good news is that the current model for annual subscription starts to fade out. The next technological changes leading to it:

A. Direct editing – All the CAD software vendors (except SolidWorks ) adopting the direct editing technology. With direct editing you can handle the files created in a newer version of the software so, you can continue to use an older version even when your supply chain moves to a newer version.

B. Rentals: SolidEdge and Autodesk recently began offering software with monthly fee. Customer pays by month and always stays with the latest version and updated

C. Cloud Computing- What is your current Google docs or GMail version? Who care. With the cloud you are  always updated,and every one use the same version. Autodesk already offers a combination of local and cloud computing with variety of business models.

SolidWorks Recently announced the release SolidWorks 2014. The SolidWorks of recent years is far from the young dynamic company that was once. The new version, what's new list indicates the effort done with several new improvements and some closing the gap features, but, what about the fun and the innovations? I think they lost it several years ago, the creative and brilliant solutions that were once part of the character of the company. Look around you SolidWorks, note SpaceClaim's approach to design the innovation of Siemens synchronous, the cloud computing capabilities of Autodesk 360. The free 123D solutions with a whole world of cloud software for 3D scanning, geometry handling, design concept, circuit editing, TinkerCad and GrabCAD or the Israeli exciting new start-up 3D Sweep, so much new staff. SolidWorks use to have innovative and brilliant ideas. eDrawings was one of them . The Dynamic 3d viewing software for emails was an existing idea when it came out, Another innovative idea was the Cosmic Blob, probably the wildest CAD software you've ever seen. Cosmic Blob disappeared and so is the project manager, SW co-founder, Scott Harris. And maybe it should not be surprising given that Scott and almost all the other founding team of SolidWorks left the company and behind the curtain at Belmont Technology developing the next CAD generation.

whats new solidworks 2014 free upgrade 360 fusion design plm autocad cloud

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